Customized Decals for Drones and Quadcopters

Posted by Thom LaLonde on

It seems these days nearly everyone on the block has some version of a quadcopter, or what is more commonly known as a drone. Some have cameras or a way to add a camera, some have FPV (first person view), and some are just for stunt flying.

When a drone meets certain requirements it must be registered with the FAA and the registration number must be displayed on the craft. If functionality is the goal, a piece of tape and a permanent marker could be adequate. However, if you take as much pride in your drone as your neighbor, you'll likely want something with a little more flair. 

Stick'emAll Vinyl Decals can custom cut your FAA ID numbers in a variety of fonts, colors and sizes. Contact us today to see how you can set your drone apart from all the rest!

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